Thomas S. Hart Middle School

Chipotle fundraiser Monday 5-8 p.m.: See calendar for flier ... Wrestling info meeting for parents Tuesday 7 p.m. in MPR ... Breakfast with An Expert Wednesday 3:15 p.m. in MPR


Chipotle Band Fundraiser
Date: 1/26/2015, 5 PM 8 PM
Location: 7020 Amador Plaza Road, Dublin
Wrestling Info Meeting for Parents
Date: 1/27/2015, 7 PM 8 PM
Location: MPR
Breakfast with an Expert: UCSF Pediatrician/Professor
Date: 1/28/2015, 3:15 PM 4:15 PM
Location: MPR
Parent Ed: Self-Advocacy for Special Needs Students
Date: 1/29/2015, 6:30 PM 8:30 PM
Location: Harvest Park Middle School MPR
Winter Dance: 6th Grade
Date: 1/30/2015, 3:15 PM 5:30 PM
Location: MPR
Winter Dance: 7th/8th Grades
Date: 1/30/2015, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: MPR
Spirit Day: Mickey Mouse Monday
Date: 2/2/2015
Scoliosis Screening
Date: 2/3/2015
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Winter Dances

Winter Dances Fire & Ice theme
Friday, January 30
Volunteers needed for ticket sales,
decorations & chaperoning
Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Rohan Gupta wins school competition
Geography Bee

Geography Bee Jude Magann is reigning champ
Champion Cheerleaders

Champion Cheerleaders Cheer squad takes first place at regional competition
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