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Pick up Your Orders From Cookie Dough and JKNaturals

THANK YOU! for your support to our recent fundraisers. If you order anything from Cookie Dough and the JK Naturals, your products will be here for pick up on Tuesday, December 12 at 3:00-4:00 in the lobby of the Gym (faces the loop area parking lot). If you plan to have your child pick it up, please keep in mind some items may be heavy and perishable.
This is the only day to pick up.
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Holiday of Hope: Gift Cards Needed

We would like to encourage our generous and caring Hart families to help those families in our school who are struggling. Hart’s annual tradition the “Holidays of Hope” collect gift cards for them. These Hart families are identified confidentially by staff and treated to gift cards to help with food and gifts during the holidays. Gift cards for Safeway, Lucky, Target, Walmart,
Kohl’s and similar businesses are appreciated.
You may drop your donations in the front office until Friday December 15. We can give you a receipt for donation for tax purposes.
If you know of a Hart family that needs help this holiday season, please contact All information is confidential.
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Spelling Bee Season is Here

Spelling words study lists have been published, you can download them and study. The qualifying test will be given next week in all the Language Arts classes. Good luck students.
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PE Locks left Unlocked

This is a picture at the end of just one PE period!
Before we left for Thanksgiving break there were 45 locks unlocked just in the girls locker room. The lost and found is full to the brim.
The PE department policy: Any lock left unlocked will be put on the chain/bar in the locker room and all belongings will be placed in the lost and found located just outside the locker room. Any belongings left on the floor or unlocked at the end of the day will also be placed in the lost and found. We are having an issue this year and students are leaving iPhones, Apple watches, expensive belongings/clothes/shoes just laying on the benches, floor, or in an unlocked locker.
All students must lock their lock after PE and during their PE period to ensure their belongings are safe. If there are belongings in their locker they must be locked.
Also, ALL PE lost and found items will be donated on Friday, December 22.
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Lost & Found

All lost and found items near the office will all be donated the week before winter break starts. Parents and children have the next 3 weeks to come and look for anything they may have lost, and take it home.
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Nomination Period for GATE Testing for grades 4-7

The purpose of GATE testing is to identify and motivate highly able students to realize their full potential. The District works with school staffs to provide high quality differentiated opportunities for learning that meet students’ particular abilities and talents and to focus on the areas of need.
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Holiday Absences

Are you planning a family trip for the holidays? As you think about your arrangements, we want to stress the importance of sending your child to school every day possible.
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Discounted Tickets to SMC Game to Cheer with Jazz Band

We offering discounted tickets to St. Mary's College Basketball Game vs. UC Irvine Anteaters on Saturday, December 16 at 5:00pm at McKeon Pavilion. Cheer on the SMC Gaels along with the Thomas Hart Jazz Band who will be the Gael's Pep Band for the game.
Tickets available for $15 (regularly $17). Fill out an Order Form and return with payment to the WRIMB mailbox in the office. Checks payable to WRIMB. Last day to order tickets is Friday, Dec. 8. Tickets will be distributed to your student at Hart the week of Dec. 11.
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Keep Our Kids Healthy

Please do not send your child to school if he/she has any of the following symptoms:
* Common cold: Keep home during period of productive cough and yellow or green nasal discharge
* Fever (over 100 degrees) – in some children, a lower temperature represents a fever. Please keep your child home for 24 hours after a fever without the aid of Tylenol or Advil)
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