Tenor Sax

- Click here for the scale sheets for the Tenor Sax-

This is the tenor instrument in the saxophone family. Its brothers/sisters include the Alto Sax (higher), and Baritone Sax (lower)

The alto saxophone is the melody player of the saxophone family but will often double the french horn part in symphonic band music. It is in the key of Eb which is similar to the Baritone Saxophone. The Alto Saxophone is also played in our Jazz Big Band.

Click on a scale button and hear how the alto saxophone sounds. Each week we will learn a new scale. Press the button of the scale we are working on and listen. Match your playing to the scale you hear!

- About the Saxophone -

The saxophone was invented in 1840 by Adolph Sax who was an instrument craftsmen from Brussells. He set out to create an instrument that used a woodwind mouth piece and a brass body. Although never really accepted in orchestral works the saxophone has been an integral part of the band reportoire. It is most strongly associated with Jazz Big Bands and Jazz music in general.

The Saxophone Journal (P.O.Box 206 Medfield, Ma. 020502) [dornpub.com] is a good magazine to learn more about the saxophone and keep up to date on the latest news and information.

- Saxophone Books -

The Art of Saxophone Playing-Larry Teal; Summy-Brichard Company

Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound - David Liebman; Dorn Publications


The Saxophone Manual-Larry Teal; Encore Publications


Daily Studies for the Improvement of the Saxophone Technique

For Jazz:

The Jamey Abersold Series Vol. 24, 1, 21, 2, 54, 3, and 5. Get them one at a time. There are more than 80 volumes. Each include a CD with rhythm section accompaniments



Bb Major
G Minor

F Major
D Minor

C Major
A Minor

G Major
E Minor

D Major
B Minor

A Major
F# Minor

E Major
C# Minor

B Major
D# Minor

Gb Major
Eb Minor

Db Major
Bb Minor

Ab Major
F Minor

Eb Major
C Minor