Reminders from the Front Office

Reminders from the front office:
* Parents, please remind your students that if something is forgotten or left at home, they can come down to the attendance office anytime to look for it. The attendance office does not deliver to or notify the student when something has been dropped off for them.
* The office will not sign for or accept deliveries for students ie: balloons, flowers, food from delivery services, etc. because of privacy/safety concerns.  Food and other items may be left on the carts outside for the student to pick up.  These items will not be delivered to students.
* Remember, when you call the 24 hr attendance line to report an absence, please leave your student's ID number, first name, and last name. Also, please to speak clearly and/or spell the name. 
* ID CARDS: It is vital that your student brings his/her ID card with them everyday to school. This is especially important for their Access period starting next week.   
* No glass containers or bottles are allowed at school. We have had several break in the last few weeks.
* Independent Study Contracts must be requested 10 school days prior to the scheduled absence.  Please contact Liza Silva at to schedule an appointment for you and your student to go over the contract. For Independent Study Contract guidelines click here.