Reminders from the Front Office

Reminders from the front office:
*Parents, please remind your students that if something is forgotten or left at home, they can come down to the attendance office anytime to look for it. The attendance office does not deliver to or notify the student when something has been dropped off for them.
* Remember, when you call the 24 hr attendance line to report an absence, please leave your student's ID number, first name, and last name. Also, please to speak clearly and/or spell the name. 
* CLUBS: the following clubs will be starting this week:
              Model UN - C104, starting on Monday 9/19
              Gay/Straight Alliance - B132, starting Tuesday  9/17
              MathCounts - various classrooms, starting Wednesday   9/18
 *ID CARDS: It is vital that your student brings his/her ID card with them everyday to school. This is especially important for their Access period starting next week.