Flu Update

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), visits to doctors for influenza-like illness increased last week nationwide and are higher than average for this time of year. In the Pleasanton school district, we have also seen an increase in the number of students who are absent due to reported flu-like symptoms. The district is closely monitoring absence rates and is in daily contact with the county public health department.

So far this week, Alisal, Mohr and Valley View elementary schools have a higher number of absences due to reported flu-like symptoms. Families in individual elementary classrooms who experience five or more students ill with these symptoms will be notified by their teacher. At middle and high schools, the principal will notify families if there are more than 20 students with these symptoms at a grade level.

This fall, the CDC has issued guidelines to clinicians where only certain patients will have the H1N1 infection confirmed by a blood test. Other patients are diagnosed solely based on their clinical symptoms and are not confirmed by the laboratory test. Although most suspected H1N1 cases have been mild or moderate, all flu viruses can have a severe impact on one’s health, and everyone should remain vigilant in helping to prevent the
spread of all flu.

Following are some additional steps that you can take to help our community remain healthy:
  • Please monitor any flu-like symptoms in your household, and call your
    health care provider for advice if anyone develops these symptoms.
  • Contact your health care provider ahead of time to develop a plan if
    your child has any chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or
    weakened immunity. He/she is at higher risk for flu-related complications. 
  • When calling the school attendance line to report a flu-related absence,
    please be specific with your child’s symptoms, such as fever, sore throat,
    cough, etc.
  • Contact your child’s teacher(s) regarding making up class work,
    homework, la
  • Contact your child’s teacher(s) regarding making up class work,
    homework, labs, and/or tests. Students who are ill should stay at home and
    will not be penalized for being sick.
  • You do not need a doctor’s clearance note for your child to return to
    school after a flu illness. However, before coming back to school, your
    child must be fever-free for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing
    medicines. Also, his/her symptoms must have significantly improved, and
    he/she must be able to function in school. 
  • Please develop a plan for child care if your child is sick and you are
    not able to take off work. Update your emergency card immediately if your
    contact information has changed.
  • Consider vaccinating your child against seasonal flu and H1N1. Nasal
    sprays and shots are becoming available through your health care provider
    or clinics.  The Pleasanton PTA Council will sponsor a clinic on October
    29 and other clinics are available. Visit our district web site for
    additional information.
  • Please check your child’s backpack and your e-mail for flu alerts from
    the school. 
  • Wash hands and cover coughs and sneezes with the crook of your arm or tissues!
The most current flu information is available online by visiting
www.flu.gov or www.acphd.org or by calling 1-800-CDC-INFO.

The school district will periodically issue updates on our website, via e-mail and through
letters home. For questions, please call the district office at 426-4304 or 426-4290. Click here for the district web site.