Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

You'd have to venture to Las Vegas after hours to see a spectacle to match the bizarre events that took place in Hart's gym Monday.

Hart's three top administrators set their dignity aside during the lunch periods to show their appreciation for Hart students' hard work. Our fearless leaders literally went to the mat to show their appreciation.

Principal Steve Maher kicked off the lunchtime festivities by donning a superbly silly Elvis costume to moderate the day's events. Elvis "Maher" Presley got a helping hand from our over-the-top band director, Dennis Aquilina, to introduce the comical wrestling match.

Vice Principals Terry Conde and Matt Campbell tried their best to look regal as they waddled onto the wrestling mat wearing overstuffed vinyl sumo wrestler outfits. The duo postured for the crowd of giggling, cheering students before they completely set aside their pride to chase each other around the mat and bump their bulbous bellies in what can only be described as the wackiest wrestling match in the history of mankind.

Conde and Campbell showed a little soft shoe for the second period lunch, demonstrating their sorely lacking swing dance skills just moments before the day's real swing dance competition.

The outrageous sumo wrestlers got so wild and wacky that they ended each wrestling match flat of their backs like helpless turtles. It took teams of assistants to get these goofball wrestlers upright and back on their feet.

The day's laughable events were the administration's way of thanking Hart students for their hard work with this year's magazine drive. Hard-working Hart students pulled in more than $27,000 of much-needed funding for our school.

Special thanks to Vince at 408 Jump in Santa Clara for giving Hart a special discount on the insanely crazy sumo wrestler outfits. We don't even want to know why Mr. Maher owns his own Elvis costume.

PHOTOS (from top)
1. Elvis "Maher" Presley prepares to moderate the day's wrestling matches
2. Elvis whips the crowd into a frenzy as sumo wrestler Campbell makes his move
3. Sumo wrestler Conde (red) watches as sumo wrestler Campbell takes a tumble onto the mat
4. Elvis body slams sumo wrestler Campbell after he falls turtle-like onto the mat
5. Elvis and the sumo wrestlers pose for their adoring fans
6. Elvis moderates the match between the two ornery wrestlers
7. Sumo wrestlers Conde (red) and Campbell (blue) show off their dance moves
8. Elvis once again body slams sumo wrestler Campbell after he takes a tumble
9. Handlers help upright sumo wrestler Conde after she flounders on her back, unable to get up on her own

Posted Monday, October 26, 2009