Concerns Regarding the Coronavirus

Over the past week we have been monitoring the developments and concerns regarding the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. We understand that these reports of outbreaks can be concerning, and want to assure you that we are committed to gathering the most recent and relevant information available. 
Our Alameda County Public Health Department has developed fact sheets that include general and precautionary information related to the Coronavirus based on current knowledge. Please find this fact sheet in English and Chinese attached. 
In addition, the Center for Disease Control has established a website that is tracking up to date information related to the Coronavirus:
We will continue to partner with our Public Health agencies to gather up to date information relating to this issue and wanted to provide the above and attached resources to our families so that you have this information as well. 
As you may know, people who have traveled to Wuhan, China since December 1, 2019, may have been exposed to the virus. Public health officials are currently advising individuals to seek medical care if you have traveled to Wuhan and develop a fever and/or respiratory symptoms within 14 days of your return. At this time, Health Officials do not recommend exclusion of individuals who have traveled internationally, unless they are symptomatic, at which time they should seek a medical evaluation. 
Thank you for your support and collaboration. 
Patrick Gannon
Coordinator, Communications and Community Engagement
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