Hart Husky Award Honorees

Dozens of Hart students have been honored with Hart Husky Awards as part of Hart's Character Education Program. The awards coincide with Pleasanton's community of character program, which touts positive character traits to encourage students to behave well and grow into helpful, productive citizens.

A different character trait is selected each month. Students are nominated by teachers for the awards. Honorees are given certificates of recognition.

Hart Husky Award honorees for the fall of 2009 are:

September: Responsibility
Ballas, Kelsie
Beck, Cameron
Bedard, Lauren
Booe, Bridget
Brewster, Samantha
Brumm, Andrew
Cheng, Jerry
Domagas, Lauren
French, Rebecca
Goff, Stefan
Henke, Robert
Hodzic, Tiana
Jackson, Ali
Kristof, Eva
Lee, Brian
Lemoine, Gabi
Mateo, Patrick
McComb, Trent
Moghe, Omkar
Moura, McKenna
Mueller, Marius
Muller, Melissa
Patel, Rahal
Rauf, Ahad
Ricci, Dylan
Stover, Vas
Wang, Kaitlyn
Wong, Dawn

October: Responsibility
Bedard, Lauren
Booe, Bridget
Bovaird, Jenna
Casey, Nathan
Dieke, Danielle
Domagas, Lauren
Hammond, Derrick
Ho, Stanley
Janda, Natala
Lawson, Brandon
Mitine, Christine
Mitra, Shakuntala
Mohseni, Neema
Molina, Victoria
Olmo, Katie
Patterson, Thomas
Reynolds, Jack
Salustri, Samantha
Schlag, Kenzi
Schwanhausser, Amy
Symonds, Anna
Todor, Victor
Wiley, Ella

November: Compassion
Aquilina, Spencer
Caldwell, Lauren
Caldwell, Lauren
Carmona-Hester, Serena
Chand, Vinay
Chen, Jennifer
Crane, Ashley
Deike, Danielle
Delacruz, Ian
Gonzalez, Jennifer
Joshi, Pallavi
McConnell, Celine
Monfared, Jasmine
Reichenbach, Natalie
Reichenbach, Rachel
Reynolds, Jackson
Ruiz, Bianca
Santos, Cloe
Tasto, Katie
Thornally, Erik
Trevor, Brittany
Widas, Brittany
Zoghi, Crystal

Congratulations to all of these students!

Posted Friday, Jan. 15, 2010