Cop Corner

By Officer Ken McNeill
Pleasanton Police Department

I’ll bet that iPhone was a great Christmas gift. In fact, I would venture to guess that there are at least a couple hundred new iPhones wandering across middle school and high school campuses in Pleasanton. It also would be a safe bet to guess that in a few months, there will be fewer of those iPhones … and a few less iPods and cameras and other assorted high-priced electronics.

That’s because there are people in this world who, believe it or not, want to steal your stuff. We call those people thieves. And guess what? There are thieves at school. Those who don’t believe me and don’t take the proper precautions, well, we call those people victims.

Don’t become a victim. Make it difficult for a thief to steal from you. The best way to do that is to not take anything to school you don’t want stolen. But if you have to take it, then make sure you LOCK IT UP!

Keep your iPhone with you at all times. If you have it in your purse or backpack, don’t leave it unattended and out in the open. Lock it away in a locker or secure it in the trunk of your car. (Pssssst … Please don’t put your backpack with your iPhone in it on the front seat of your car and think it will be safe. When you return, you will have no iPhone and a broken car window).

However, there are some things you can do to help yourself should you have something stolen. First, make sure you know the brand name and model of your electronic or other expensive item. You see, when you tell the officer your “Canon something” camera was stolen, he or she might wince a little bit or maybe let a slight sigh escape from their lips. Remember, the more information we have, the better.

Even more important is to have the serial number of your item. If you have this for the officer, you will see him or her smile. We like serial numbers. If we have it recorded, then when we come across an iPhone or camera, we can check the serial number. If it matches yours, then you get your item back and the person who has it gets arrested.

The bottom line is this: Don’t be careless with the things you want to keep. Be smart. You and your parents work hard to have good things, so don’t give a thief the chance to take them away.

You can contact Officer Ken McNeill at 931-5233 or