Coffee for Coffers

Java lovers can start their day with gourmet coffees blended to benefit Hart's budget.

This smooth fundraiser fills your coffee cup while filling Hart's coffers. You'll enjoy a hefty 12-ounce bag of specialty blends for a mere $10 per bag. Hart gets to keep a cool $4 of each sale. Money collected will be used to directly benefit students by subsidizing lunchtime activities, after-school programs and field trip scholarships.

Six delectable flavors of coffee will be roasted and blended especially for Hart. Coffee will be shipped within a week of when each order is placed. This will be an ongoing fundraiser for Hart. 

Each 12-ounce bag comes specially packaged with a Hart Huskies logo on the package. Not only will these designer coffee bags look great in your kitchen, but just imagine what wonderful gifts they'll make for friends, neighbors and relatives. Nothing says "Thank You" or "I'm Thinking of You" like a personalized bag of beans.

Hart's custom coffee is made by the Humboldt Bay Coffee Company in Eureka. Trust us, folks. The big boys in Seattle have nothing on the smooth brews that come out of Northern California's coastal redwood region.

Flavors include one organic blend and two decaffeinated blends. You may specify if you prefer whole beans or ground coffee.

Click on the links below for the full menu and description of the six coffee varieties, plus the order form you'll need to order your specialty brews. Please make checks payable to Hart Middle School. Order forms should be turned in to the front office or to advisement teachers.

The deadline for the first order is Tuesday, Feb. 16. After that, orders will be submitted to the company every two weeks.

Posted Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010