CORE Fundraiser

CORE -- Community OutReach for Education -- is a fundraising program organized by the Pleasanton school district in conjunction with Pleasanton Partnerships in Education  (PPIE) and all school parent groups, like Hart's PFA.

The school district, reeling from three straight years of budget cuts, is asking parents to donate $150 per student to maintain high quality education in Pleasanton classrooms at all grade levels.

The school district has suffered deep budget cuts -- $11 million this year, $2 million the previous year and an anticipated $8 million next year. That's roughly $1,400 less per student for programs and personnel.

How does this affect Hart?

Next year, Hart's library hours will be reduced drastically from 6 hours per day to a mere 3.5 hours per day. The library will remain open, but our librarian will not always be on hand to help students find books or complete research.

Hart's technology support will take the biggest hit. Our lone tech support employee already had his hours reduced this year from full time to a scant three hours per day. Impending cuts would completely eliminate Hart's tech support.

Our tech employee touches every aspect of technology at Hart. He keeps our computers running, helps staff with computer glitches, maintains the web site, assists teachers with their web pages. Parents are able to access Zangle and students can get homework assignments online thanks to our tech employee.

How can we help?

The CORE fundraiser is an attempt to level the playing field for all schools. The goal at the middle school level is to raise enough money so that each middle school can have full-time library and tech support employees.

Can I make my donation directly to Hart?

The goal is to make the CORE fundraiser successful so that all schools have the same level of programs and services. We hope to achieve this base level of funding for all schools before any site-level fundraising is done.

We appreciate your support in maintaining the high level of performance we have all come to expect at Hart. We recognize that families are pulled in many directions for many worthy causes. We hope that you see the value is supporting the CORE fundraiser so that Hart can maintain its high standards.

Steve Maher        Lucia Holman
Principal               PFA President


The CORE fundraising program was developed with input from parents, principals, staff and replies to a district survey. These areas have been targeted as being the most crucial for needing extra financial support to maintain quality:

Elementary Schools
On-site technology specialist (4 hours per day)
Library assistant (5 hours per day)
Student support programs

Middle Schools
On-site technology specialist (4 hours per day)
Library assistant (6 hours per day)
Student support programs
Technology (maintenance and upgrade)

High Schools
Technology (maintenance and upgrade)
Student support (including extra sections)

The district has determined that donations of $150 per student should raise enough money to maintain these critical programs. All donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to PPIE (Tax ID 94-3046738) and use the form below (CORE Info Letter) to mail or drop off your donation. You may also donate online using PayPal at or There is a minimal processing fee for online donations.

Click on the links below for an informational letter that explains CORE and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) info sheet about CORE.

Posted Wednesday, April 21, 2010