PPIE Profile: highlighting who we fund
Meet Lucy Myers, the Site Technical Specialist at Donlon Elementary.
"Because of the additional funding from PPIE for site technology specialists, we can provide support for the entire school day so our students can focus on learning and our teachers on teaching!
PPIE Wellness Series: 
We are excited to continue our ‘Ask a Counsellor’ Series.
Today our very own PUSD Social worker, Elise Greenaway, answers this very pertinent question;
The entire ‘Ask a Counselor Series’ can be accessed on PPIE’s YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR59lptfyAE2o88U9zBnIfQ)
2021 Virtual Run for Education: April 11-18  
Registration is now open for our 9th Annual Run for Education.
Run, walk, bike and more AROUND THE WORLD with your friends, family, school and the entire community.
  • Early Bird Discounts on VERY low prices
    • Wonderful incentives with weekly drawings for early registration
  • Fun Covid-era Tech-shirt
  • Discounts at selected local businesses for everyone who wears the shirt
  • Group competitions (and easy tracking from your phone)
  • Suggested routes around town - with updates as we Race around the world!
  • Great gifts bags, and more!
  • Early bird registration ends March 15.
D with your friends, family, school and the entire community.