PPIE Wellness Series: We realize you may have some questions regarding how best to navigate these challenging times and support your family. PPIE hopes to help in the following ways:

  1. 'Ask a Counsellor' Series: 

   Mark your calendars for December.  PPIE is collaborating with the PUSD wellness team, including Monica Wharton, our 'Wellness Director' whom PPIE funds, to respond to some common questions we all are grappling with during the pandemic. 

      • Online Gaming to stay connected - what are the new rules - December 9   
      • Using social media as a crutch - December 16
      • Parenting strategies for healthy coping - December 23


    • Have a topic you would like addressed? Submit your suggestion here, and our amazing counsellors will create a short pre-recorded video and also point you to additional resources. PPIE will make these videos widely available to our PUSD community and also create an archive where you can access these resources anytime.
  1. Pandemic Parenting Webinar Series:

    PPIE will make available pre-recorded webinars on 'Parenting during the Pandemic’ every month for our parent community. Please indicate here  what topics you would like more information on.

2020-2021 Inspire Student Grants:  We are thrilled by your response to the Inspire Student Grants and will be notifying the winners this week.


 Save the date:  

  • January 20 - Virtual School District Lunch
  •  April 11 - April 18 - We envision our 9th Annual Run for Education to be Virtual this year as well. Stay tuned for more details.