Hart Musicians Rock Disneyland

Disneyland visitors were knocked off their feet when Hart's talented musicians took the stage in mid-April to showcase the awesome tunes they've learned under the tutelage of beloved band direct Dennis "Mr. A" Aquilina.

Students in Hart's jazz and symphonic bands and the strings ensemble took part in Disney's Magic Music Days program April 16-19 at the Anaheim theme park.

More than 100 students embarked on this spectacular Southern California field trip, accompanied by 12 valiant parent volunteers, teacher Alex Ramirez and, of course, the highly esteemed Mr. A.

During the trip, students performed at Disneyland, attended workshops with professional Disney musicians, enjoyed some fun in the park and answered the age-old question, "How many students does it take to overflow a hot tub?" (We are not privy to the answer. You'll have to ask a band student.)

The band ensemble stopped in beautiful Fresno on its trip to the southland, where the symphonic band took part in the San Joaquin Valley Concert Band Invitational at the Shaghoian Concert Hall.

On the return trip back north, students were fortunate enough to get a tour of the Warner Bros. movie studio tour in Burbank. Students got to visit the sets of many famous TV series, including Friends.

Special thanks to the wonderful, hard-working chaperones, without whom this trip would not have been possible.

Top: Mr. A directs the symphonic band at Disneyland
Bottom: Mr. A directs the strings ensemble
Photos courtesy of Marianne O'Farrell

Posted Thursday, April 29, 2010