Flamingo Fundraiser

The world's most hilarious and eye-catching fundraiser is coming to Hart -- flamingo flocking.

The band is hosting this zany fundraiser to bring in bucks for their spring trip to Washington, D.C.

Here's how the flamingo flocking works. For an affordable fee, you can pay to have a funny flock of flamingos placed in a friend's yard. The birds arrive late at night under the cloak of darkness, delighting the folks who wake up the next morning to find their front yard full of the delightfully tacky birds.

The person who has been flocked may then pay a fee to have the birds migrate to someone else's yard. If that person chooses not to pass along the flocking, the pink avians will fly away with nary a peep.

Each plastic flock comes with a yard sign explaining the hysterical fundraiser, along with info about how to pass along the flock to the next unsuspecting household.

The band is offering an early bird special of only $15 per flocking if you book before Sept. 30. After that date, the price soars to $20 per flocking.

Contact Cathy Dugan at 600-8308 or cathycdugan@aol.com to reserve your flocks today.

Posted Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010