Swing Dance Wrap-Up

Hart students impressed the judges with their fancy footwork at the annual swing dance contest. The competition started two weeks ago and finished Friday evening with the grand finals in the school gym.

Congratulations to the winners of this year's swing dance contest and the hundreds of dancers who participated in this big annual event.
  • First place -- Jarrett Indalecio & Samantha Salustri (couple No. 28)
  • Second place -- Jack Geasa & Katie Jefferies (couple No. 17)
  • Third place -- Andy Hu & Katie Liu (couple No. 118)
  • Fourth place -- Andrew Bonilla & Sierra Viscolina (couple No. 111)
Prizes were given to each of the top eight dancers:
First place -- $100 gift certificate to Stoneridge mall
Second place -- $75 gift certificate to Stoneride mall
Third place -- $50 gift certificate to Stoneridge mall
Fourth place -- $25 gift certificate to Stoneridge mall

Runners-up were rewarded with ice cream cones donated by Chicago's Metropolitan Deli and Jamba Juice gift cards. Thanks to parent Polly Pinho for her hard work in gathering donations of water, candy and prizes.

The contest finals were held Friday, Oct. 22 in the Hart gym. Hundreds of parents, siblings and grandparents turned out to see all dance couples, regardless of ranking, perform and compete for top honors.

Dancing is mandatory in P.E. classes, but entering the swing dance contest is optional for students in seventh and eighth grades. This year, 149 couples started out in the preliminary rounds that were held during lunch. Each day, two by two, couples were eliminated.

Audience members were treated to line and square dancing presentations by students in between the swing dance rounds during the final contest. In addition, all students who started in the contest were invited to show off their dancing skills that evening.

Thanks to P.E. teachers Sherri Jaksoniak and Pat Hallahan for organizing the swing dance event. Special thanks to teacher Pam Boni and her team of parents, friends, and students for sewing skirts for the female competitors.

Thanks also to Barb Ruiz for training line dancers; Pat Yu, Kathy Gibbs and Judy Ogilvie for their assistance with the dancers backstage; Megan Lipman and Mary Severo for facilitating the music for the night; Jane Maker for running the snack shack; and a special thanks to Hart's head custodian, Alex Sutton, for acting as emcee.

Further thanks to judges Stacey Leal, Hearst Elementary custodian; Mr. Hallahan, Hart PE teacher; Mrs. Boni, Hart home economics teacher; Marianne Ottaway, Hart French/leadership teacher; Barbara Ruiz, Hart campus supervisor/student mentor; Anjie Newman, Hart Spanish teacher; and Susan Klas, retired music/PE teacher.

Finally, special thanks to the more than 300 enthusiastic Hart students who took part in this year's competition. Every single dancer was outstanding.

Terry Conde

Posted Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010