Hart Rocks the Vote

Jerry Brown would be California's next governor and Barbara Boxer would be safely re-elected to her senate seat if this year's election were determined by Hart's student body.

Nearly 600 students cast votes over three days for their favorite candidates. They also passed judgment on eight propositions facing adult voters who go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Mock elections are a revered tradition at Hart, taking place every two years just before the actual elections. This year, 603 people cast their ballots -- most of them students, but 10 adults also turned in mock ballots. As in a real election, students chose which candidates and propositions were worthy of their votes. Some students chose not to vote in every race.

The results for the 201 Hart mock election are:

Brown        364
Whitman    222
Nightingale  20
Wells           55
Ogden         15
Alvarez        61

Boxer     365
Fiorina     89
Noonan   43
Roberts   35
Lightfoot  18 
Feinland  60

20 -- Congressional districts drawn by commissioners rather than state legislators*
    Yes    243
    No     333
21 -- $18 surcharge on vehicle licenses; funds state parks
    Yes    409
    No     104
22  -- No state borrowing from designated funds
    Yes    415
    No     178
23 -- Suspend air pollution control law until unemployment down to 5.5 percent
    Yes    271   
    No     322
24 -- Repeal business tax breaks
    Yes    332
    No     252
25 -- Pass budget by simple majority rather than 2/3 vote
    Yes    283
    No     289
26  -- Two-thirds vote required to enact certain fees rather than simple majority
    Yes    314
    No     258
27  -- Congressional districts drawn by state legislators rather than commissioners*
    Yes    272
    No     263

* If both 20 and 27 pass, the prop with more votes is enacted

Posted Friday, Oct. 29, 1010