Geography & Spelling Bees

Hart students' academic skills have taken center stage in recent days with students competing in both geography and spelling bees.

Shane Duan, 8th grade, nabbed first place at the geography bee by correctly interpreting the latitude and longitude of the lower 48 contiguous states. He has taken the qualifying test for the state geography bee and should be notified in March if he qualified.

Second place went to 7th-grader Ardin Lo and third place was captured by 6th-grader Greg Arnold.

Special thanks to all of the bee workers: History teachers and Suzanne Smith who used class time for the classroom bees; student participants for getting on stage; Mrs. Jaksoniak for giving up PE time in the multipurpose room; Mrs. Jarmuz for printing nifty certificates for class winners and alternates; Mrs. Gage and Mr. Aquilina for being the voices of the bee; and Mr. Tierney for organizing the bee and keeping score. 

The spelling bee was intense this year, running for a full 13 rounds until 7th-grader Snigdha Jayavarapu emerged victorious when correctly spelling "globalization." It was a lucky break from the much more challenging words competitors faced to reach the final rounds. Laura Zhu came in second, followed by Suhasiny Naik.

Snigdha will advance to a regional bee in February.

Congratulations to all of the students who took part in the geography and spelling bees.

Posted Friday, Jan. 14, 2011