Math Students Reach Elite Level

Congratulations to Hart's incredibly smart MathCounts team for scoring high enough on a series of challenges to reach the national group's elite silver level status.

At least a dozen of Hart's MathCounts team members had to complete at least five of the six monthly silver-level challenges. Each monthly challenge contains creative and
challenging math problems covering a range of topics in the middle school math curriculum.

Please click on the file below for a list of the MathCounts team members.

MathCounts is a nationwide program that inspires excellence, confidence and curiosity in middle school students through fun and challenging math programs. Students compete in both written and oral contests as individuals and teams. Think Jeopardy, but with math problems.

Congratulations to all of Hart's outstanding mathletes who competed in the months-long challenge and achieved the silver level status.

Posted Monday, May 9, 2011