Message from the Principal

Dear Thomas Hart Parents,

As the end of the school year approaches, I want you to know how rewarding it has been to work with your students. They have worked hard in their classes, behaved appropriately, and have demonstrated a zest for life and school. I have witnessed a significant amount of maturity in many of our students. This should serve them well as they move up to high school or return to us as 7th- or 8th-graders next fall.

I would also like to express my appreciation to all of our parent volunteers this year. Your
support and service has helped enhance the educational experience for all of our students. I am very grateful to our PFA board members for their support.

Our last day of school with the students will be Friday, June 10. On behalf of our entire staff, we hope you all have a great summer. To all of our students and their families who are moving on to 9th grade, we wish you the very best! And to those of you who are returning, we look forward to working with you next fall.

All my best,

Terry Conde