Zangle Info

Zangle, the school district's online student information center, has been updated for the new school year.

Parents and students may use Zangle to check student grades, assignments, attendance and more.  

Parents and upperclassmen can use the same access codes they were given when their students entered middle school. Those codes will remain valid for the student's entire school career.

Click here for the parent connection to Zangle.

Students all have the same format for accessing their school info. Your PIN is your student ID number (5 digits). Your password follows this pattern: mmddfl!
  • mm = the two-digit month of your birth
  • dd = the two-digit date of your birth (add zero before single-digit birthdates)
  • f = first letter of your first name
  • l = first letter of your last name
  • The final character is an exclamation point (!)
Click here for the student connection to Zangle.
Questions or problems? E-mail

(Please do not call Hart with Zangle questions. Zangle is managed through the school district office.)