Students Celebrate Constitution Day

Hart's 8th-graders formed a more perfect union and promoted the general welfare of our campus on Constitution Day.

Constitution Day is an annual celebration of the date in history -- Sept. 17, 1787 -- when the U.S. Constitution was signed by the 39 brave men who drafted the document that defines our country. Hart celebrated Constitution Day on Sept. 16 since the official anniversary fell on a Saturday this year.

"It’s an awareness day for the Constitution -- celebrate it, learn about it, include it in your curriculum," history teacher Anne Everton explained. "In the 8th grade, we have a unit on the Constitution. Constitution Day is a preview of what they’ll be studying later in the year."

This is the third year Hart students have actively participated in Constitution Day.

Each student is assigned a snippet of the Constitution or amendments to research in advance of the special day. Students then create placards to wear the entire day. The information they researched is written on the back.

"All they have to do is hold up their (placard) and read the back," Everton said. "You’ve prepared this little statement about the Constitution, so all you have to do is read it."

Students must wear their placards all day to encourage students, faculty and staff to ask them about the Constitution.

"It's just not the kids who are good at history who get a kick out of this," Everton said. "That's the really neat thing. They're all in it together."

PHOTOS (from top)

1. Katie Tasto and Carlie Williams with their placards

2. Manal Yaqub discusses the Constitution with 6th-grader Devin Powell

3. Nick Brum (face covered) and Sam Gee display their placards

4. Identities pending

5. Sam Gee discusses the Constitution with athletic assistant Judy Ogilvie

6. Paul Yepez proudly displays his placard

7. Megan Slonksnis shows off her shirt that touts the 19th Amendment -- women's right to vote

8. Carlie Williams studies her constitutional facts

9. Lauren Jepson, Cynthia Rodriguez and Mercey Eckron show off their placards

Posted Friday, Sept. 23, 2011