Swing Dance Results

The hottest swing dance competition this side of the Mississippi River has drawn to a close, offering hundreds of fleet-footed students the exciting opportunity to take part in an challenging and fun competition.

Competition was fierce, but judges ultimately settled on this year's top dancers:
  • First place -- Alyssa Serrao and Angel Negrete
  • Second place -- Olivia Larsen and Nick Brum
  • Third place -- Taylor Campbell and Jackson Still
  • Fourth place -- Sophia Brown and Andrew Bailey
  • Fifth place -- Frances Tang and Myungsub Kim
Runners up are:
  • Morgan Szymczak and Andrew Soldati
  • Laura Belichack and Chandler Crane
  • Rebecca Deckinger and Edward Im
  • Izzy Lopez and Nick Tucker
  • Paige Heacox and Donovan Dsouza
Hart's annual swing dance competition is one of the most popular events on campus. The competition is open to all students in 7th and 8th grades. Students prepare for weeks, choosing partners and practicing on their own time to prepare for the friendly competition.

The competition includes two full weeks of elimination rounds before the school's top dancers eventually compete in a final competition. Hart's dedicated teachers and staff act as volunteer judges throughout the event.

The top ten couples were awarded front-of-line lunch passes good for an entire week, a certificate of participation and Starburst candy. In addition, each dancer who made it to the top five got $5 gift cards for Cold Stone Creamery and flowers for the girls. The top three couples were also awarded engraved medals.

All swing dance participants got front-of-line lunch passes good for a week and Starburst candy.

Thanks to Hart parent Randy Cazinha of Cazinha Portrait Design for shooting pictures at the final competition and supplying the top three couples with photo CDs.

Thank you to everyone at Hart -- teachers, staff, students and parents -- who work so hard every year to make our school's swing dance competition such a wildly fun and memorable event for everyone.

(Top) Allie Sanchez strikes a pose while Johnny French shows of his acrobatic skills. Photo courtesy of Deanna Sanchez.
(Middle) Morgan Szymczak, Laura Belichak, Chandler Crane and Andrew Soldati take a break from dancing. Photo courtesy of Holly Crane.
(Bottom) Best friends Nikhil Singh, Noah Thomas, Jordan Reni and Wyatt Potter take a break during competition. Photo courtesy of Pauline Thomas.

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Posted Friday, Oct. 14, 2011