Halloween at Hart

Hart's campus definitely looked wacky on Halloween day as Gumby sat down to lunch near a life-sized human taco. Nearby was a hot dog and a pair of bananas. There was more than one mythical unicorn and even an elf from the movie of the same name.

Students really got into the spirit of the holiday, putting on their favorite costumes to celebrate Halloween. The office staff even got into the Halloween spirit with everyone donning '50s-style costumes. Poodle skirts were popular with the gals, while Vice Principal Tom Domer was dressed like a greaser.

Costume contests were held during each lunch period. The winners were chosen by elite teams of Hart staff members.

4th-Period Lunch Costume Winners
Funniest -- Colin Dixon, chick magnet
Scariest -- Youri Benadjaoud, freaky clown
Most creative (tie) -- Jevon Holland, robot & Avery Castillo, cloud
Best group -- Jake Simons & Riley Shield, Deena & Snooki from Jersey Shore

5th-Period Lunch Costume Winners
Funniest -- Zac Richey, Ken (Barbie's better half)
Scariest -- Max Wu, freaky eye contacts with dead guy makeup
Most creative -- Bernie Nguyen, Pop Tart (Nyan) Cat (If you're older than 14,
                          you'll have to Google this one to figure it out)   

Best group -- Ruben Mercado, Ronnie Jones, Greg Gamble, Kyree Rossell, J.D. Dournea
                      & Patrick Loughnane, Planet of the Apes

Posted Monday, Oct. 31, 2011