Turkey Trot

Dozens of enthusiastic Hart students showed up after school Wednesday, eager to race their classmates for the honor of taking home a free frozen turkey for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Hart's annual Turkey Trot is an incredibly fun, spirit-building event designed to encourage students to enjoy a bit of exercise before indulging in big Thanksgiving holiday feasts.

Students raced on a route a little less than a mile long on Hart's outdoor track and field. Students competed based on which grade they're in -- boys against boys, girls against girls. Each first-place runner won a frozen turkey and gift cards. Second- and third-place runners won gift cards.

Congratulations to this year's winners. Numbers next to runners' names are their times.
6th-Grade Boys
1. Bradley Russo -- 4:10.5
2. Matthew Dotson -- 4:13
3. Matthew Schultz -- 4:15
6th-Grade Girls
1. Taylor Noval -- 4:11
2. Emily Balicanta -- 4:27
3. Allison Jenezon -- 4:43
7th-Grade Boys
1. Jake Dean -- 3:56
2. Robbie Brumm -- 3:59
3. David Kozuch -- 4:18
7th-Grade Girls
1. Diana Guerrero -- 4:06
2. Megan Irving -- 4:25
3. Amanda Harding -- 4:26
8th-Grade Boys
1. Jeffrey Tang -- 3:41
2. Patrick Loughnane -- 3:44
3. Arturo Navarro -- 3:45
8th-Grade Girls
1. Caroline McMorrow -- 4:01
2. Sophia Brown -- 4:06
3. Ali Jackson -- 4:07

Thank you to the many families who so generously donated gift cards so that all winners could receive prizes for their efforts. Extra gift cards were given away to students whose names were drawn from a basket.

Thanks to these companies for donating frozen turkeys, gift cards or discount coupons: Lucky, Safeway, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Chili's and Kicks USA Martial Arts.

Special thanks to the wonderful Hart staff members who stayed after school to help with the Turkey Trot.

Posted Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011