Robotics Teams in Tournament

Hart's two robotics teams competed in a regional tournament Nov. 12 with one team doing so well that its members will advance to a championship event.

Hart has two separate robotics teams, Chrome and Nano Bots, that compete in the FIRST LEGO League. FIRST LEGO hosts an annual international competition designed to help students discover the excitement and rewards of science, technology and engineering.

This year's challenge is Food Factor: Keeping Food Safe. Students are challenged each year to work together as a team to come up with solutions for real-world issues. Team Chrome tackled the problem of fish contaminants, while Team Nano Bots searched for alternatives to pesticides on strawberries. Both teams developed robots to help solve their challenges.

Hart's robotics teams presented their challenge solutions at the FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournament at Castilleja School in Palo Alto. Both teams did a phenomenal job at the tournament, but only Team Chrome did well enough to advance to the NorCal East Bay Championship Tournament in January.

Team Chrome:
Brian Chan
Johnathan Lee
David Hong
Rob Harries
Austin Shaw
Jose Verduga
Josh Pineda

Team Nano Bots:
Sai Muktevi
Justin Newton
Suhasiny Nails
Zach Hutchings
Miranda Harries
Beecher Adams
John Clatworthy
Ian Achuff

Both teams are coached by teacher Anne Jarmuz.

Click on the files below for more details about each team's robot and how they solved their challenges.

Congratulations to teams Chrome and Nano Bots for their hard work and outstanding achievements.

(Top) Team Chrome
(Bottom) Team Nano Bots
Photos courtesy of Linda Newton

Posted Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011