Geography Bee Winners

Congratulations to 8th-grader Kyle Panaga for emerging as the victor for Hart's highly competitive geography bee. Seventh-grader Ewan Bohannon came in a close second.

Students Noah Thomas, 8th grade, and Qaasim Ashraf, 6th grade, set a record for the most questions asked before ultimately tying as dual third-place winners in the geography bee. The students were asked at least a dozen questions before time ran out and the third-place title was declared a tie.

Kyle and Ewan were tied for the top slot at the original geography bee on Friday, Jan. 13. A championship round was held Thursday during lunch.

Kyle and Ewan were asked to answer a series of three question for the best out of three. (See questions below.) Ewan missed only one question, but Kyle prevailed with a perfect score. This isn't the first time Kyle has made it into the upper echelon of Hart's brightest geography students. He placed second in the school's geography bee when he was in sixth grade.

Students took part in classroom geography bees before winter break to qualify for the school contest.

Kyle will take a qualifying test for the state geography bee. State-level participants will be notified in March.

Thank you to Hart's wonderful custodial crew, including Alex Sutton and Don Thomas, for setting up the multipurpose room for Friday's bee. Thanks to the PE department for sharing the multipurpose room for the afternoon. Special thanks to all the history teachers who took time from their regular schedules to take part in this program and give students a chance to shine.

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the geography bee.

Championship Round Questions
1. Barrier islands help shelter a nature reserve on Apalachicola Bay, an
arm of what large gulf?  [Answer: Gulf of Mexico.]
2) Name the Asian country at the eastern edge of the South China Sea that
includes about 7,100 islands.  [Answer: Philippines. Don't worry ... Ewan
missed that one, so you are in good company.]
3) Timbuktu, a center of caravan trade for almost a thousand years, is
located north of the Niger River in which landlocked country?  [Answer:

PHOTO: Kyle Panaga (left) and Ewan Bohannon

Posted Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012