Spelling Bee Champion

Sixth-grader Timothy Kanarsky has emerged as Hart's top speller after a grueling two-hour spelling bee Friday afternoon.

Timothy correctly spelled the word beatitude to take the title of Hart's best speller. He competed against 34 other stellar spellers in the spelling bee.

Friday's spelling bee lasted 10 grueling rounds before a champion finally emerged. Seventh-grader Andy Peng came in a close second, followed by Patricia Magpoc in third place. All of the contestants did an outstanding job.

Timothy will now take a written exam Feb. 16 at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. The winners at that level will advance to a regional oral spelling bee in March on Pier 39 in San Francisco.

Thank you to our pronouncer extraordinaire, Erin van der Zee, and our illustrious judges, Mary Geasa, Suzanne Smith and Sharon Surrena. Thanks to the teachers and students in the audience who so wholeheartedly supported all the spellers. The extra effort of our custodial staff who had to change the multipurpose room into a spelling bee venue is most appreciated. You all made the spelling bee special for our student contestants.

The 35 finalists who competed in the spelling bee are:
Kushaan Bahl
Asim Biswal
Ewan Bohannon
David Bowden
Michael Cheng
Nick Cheng
Lyndsey Coleman
Esha Deshpande
Keziah Hillman
Benedikt Huebner
Yuna Jeong
Amy Jin
Purvaj Kandula     
Aya Keller
Arpithia Krishnakumar
Timothy Kanarsky
Rishab Kulkarni   
David Lee 
Gianelli Liguidliguid
Roderick Lu
Tracie Luu           
Ameya Malekar   
Jessica Maloney
Patricia Magpoc
Gavin Maltby
Ria Mavinkure 
Karna Mendonca
Malaika Menon
Julian Meyer
Nitish Padavala
Andy Peng
Jalen Shen
Christian Tio       
Jacob Yepez
Winnie Zhou

Posted Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013