Hart Approves PTA Affiliation

Hart is changing its school booster club to be affiliated with the well-known national PTA -- Parent-Teacher Association.

Officially, the school booster group will be called the PTSA -- Parent-Teacher-Student Association -- to reflect the involvement of everyone in our school community. The booster group had previously been an independent PFA -- Parent-Faculty Association.

"I'm amazed and very thankful for the incredible efforts put forth by current PFA board members and PTA representatives," PFA board president Zoe Alatorre said. "There was positive support in favor of this decision, and I'm pleased to see Hart move forward as a PTSA school."

The vote to change the booster group's affiliation was taken at a PFA meeting Monday evening. The vote was nearly unanimous with just one dissenting vote.

The booster group will continue to operate as a PFA through the end of this school year. The first official PTSA meeting will be held May 16 at 9:45 a.m. in the school library in conjunction with a PFA meeting.

Next year's PTSA board will include president Alina Alatorre, vice president Kelly Erigo, treasurer Yvonne Greenlee and secretary Beth McCarthy. A few positions open for next school year will be posted in upcoming school newsletters.

Thank you to everyone who worked with our current PFA board to study this issue and put it to a vote.

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here's a Q&A from Jodie Vashistha, Pleasanton PTA Council president:

Q. Is the PTA obligated to pay the $4.75 for each and every parent at the school and then seek reimbursement through memberships drives?
A. Most definitely not. The $4.75 that goes to PTA is paid after membership dues are collected. There is zero obligation to pay the PTA until dues are collected. The number of parents at the school is irrelevant.  If 50 parents sign up at a school with 500 parents, the only amount due is 50 x $4.75. 

Q. Is training of PTA board members a required additional cost to the board? 
A. Training is absolutely not required.

Q. What is the breakdown of PTA to PTO schools in Pleasanton?  
A. Eight of Pleasanton's 14 schools are PTA affiliates. PTA schools are Amador Valley, Harvest Park, Walnut Grove, Alisal, Fairlands, Mohr, Vintage Hills and Hearst. Pleasanton has 5,600 PTA members. 

Q. How is the $4.75 allocated to PTA broken down (local, county, state, national)? 
A. We call these percaps (per capita) and the money is distributed as follows:
  • Council (Pleasanton) $.75
  • District (Alameda County) $.50
  • State $1.25
  • National $2.25
Exactly how the money is spent and more information will be available at the PFA meeting. 

Click here for the National PTA website page that outlines why the PTA believes it's beneficial for schools to be affiliated with the National PTA. We encourage parents to browse the PTA website to learn more about the PTA and bring your opinions to the Feb. 27 meeting.

See the file below for a handy info sheet comparing the benefits of the PTA to non-PTA-affiliated groups. Click here for the California PTA website with even more info about the PTA.

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