History Day Winners

A half dozen Hart students were honored for their outstanding History Day projects entered in this year's school contest.

All of Hart's 8th-graders worked diligently for months to create spectacular projects for the annual History Day competition.

This year's theme, set by the folks who run National History Day, is Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History. The goal of History Day and the projects is to get students to push past the antiquated view of history to realize how relevant history is to modern times.

The six Hart winners may choose to advance to the Alameda County History Day contest at the Oakland Museum of California on Saturday, March 24. Two alternates may fill in at the county contest, if needed.

Here's a list of students who entered the school contest (winners have an asterisk next to their names; alternates have two asterisks):
Individual Exhibits
Brandon McCue -- History of Alaska
Sean Sullivan -- The Mayflower and the Pilgrims
* Lauren McNamara -- 19th-Century Women Writers
** Mariana Perera -- The Mexican-American War
* Diana Tschirky -- Battle of Bunker Hill
Austin Shah -- The Sky is the Limit

Group Exhibits
* Christina Ge & Ariel Tsay -- Textile Mills and Factories of the Industrial Revolution
Annabel, Lee & Kaitlyn Wang -- The Constitution
* Anusha Vemuri & Pratyusha Vemuri -- La Amistad
** Asha Rudrabhatla & Sophie Samii -- The Oregon Trail

Individual Documentary

Sai Muktevi -- World War I

Group Documentary
Andrew Bailey, Edward Im & Parker Jameson -- Northern Warfare During the Civil War

Individual Website
* Snigdha Jayavarapu -- The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
Ardin Lo -- Behind the Scenes of War

Group Website
Eileen Lu & Laura Zhu -- Colonial Crime and Punishment

Historical Paper
* Matthew Dickinson -- Assassination of William McKinley

Special thanks our extraordinary judges -- Pat and Megan Yu, Marla Simon, Carolyn Rinetti, Scott Church, Stacy Webb; and Foothill's We the People team members Alec Kron, Evelyn Minaise, Nakul Narayan, Roshan Ramankutty, Jack Reed, Vikram Sreekanti and Olivia Zhu. They brought out the very best in our students.

Posted Friday, Feb. 17, 2012