8th-Grade Party Thanks

Hart's outgoing 8th-grade students enjoyed a glamorous evening in the city at the promotion party, thanks to the magical transformation that turned the multipurpose room into the San Francisco skyline.

Students were greeted by a mock Golden Gate Bridge as they entered the party venue early Friday evening. Inside, the Stars in the City theme continued with a complete glittery skyline backdrop and even a faux taxi cab. Students had a fantastic time as they chatted, snacked and danced throughout the evening.

The party was a huge success thanks to the help of dozens of dedicated parent volunteers, far too many to single out by name. Special thanks go to our committee leaders -- Ellie Wrenn, Tiffany Alley, Marti Scalise, Chrissy Chase, Janeen Rubino Brumm, Gloria Jameson, Kris Wilson, Marie Ambrosiewicz and Behnoosh Woods. Thanks to the Dukleth family for providing all of the lighting for the event. Last but not least, thanks to event coordinators Paula Parisi and Trish Galli for their hard work and dedication.

Thanks also to Sweet Tomatoes for donating dozens of scrumptious mini muffins and to Safeway for donating gift cards to buy party snacks.

Photos courtesy of Devon Drake

Posted Tuesday, June 5, 2012