The Winners Are ...

Hart's popular annual swing dance competition came to an end Friday with a few dozen remaining couple burning up the dance floor when this year's final rounds were held.

The contest started two weeks ago when hundreds of 7th- and 8th-graders paired up to match their swing dance skills against their classmates' best moves. Students learned in P.E. classes how to swing dance. Girls put on their best poodle skirts while their partners wore '50s-style outfits with matching ties.

Elimination rounds were held daily during lunch for the past two weeks. The final competition was held Friday afternoon in the Hart gym with the entire student body and hundreds of proud parents watching the school's best dancers.

This year's top five couples are:
1. Emily Balicanta & Cameron Levine
2. Morgan Szymczak & Zac Richey
3. Allie Sanchez & Johnny French
4. Halle Uhl & Luke Szymczak
5. Kelly Jefferies & Tanner Stangmeyer

All couples got certificates of participation, front-of-line lunch passes for one week and flowers for the girls. The top three couples got gold, silver and bronze medals.

Congratulations to all of the students and staff who worked so hard to make this year's swing dance a smashing success.

PHOTOS: Elimination rounds photos (from top)
Megan Bono & Jake Romero
Sarah Crawford & Youri Benadjaoud
Andrew Soldati & Karlee Schwitzer

Posted Friday, Oct. 26, 2012