Geography Bee

Eighth-grader Nicholas Talin knows a heck of a lot more about geography than where in the world is Carmen Sandiego or Matt Lauer.

Nicholas correctly identified Montana as the state where Bozeman, north of Yellowstone and known for its ranchers, artists and trout fishing, is located. He'll now take a test to see if he qualifies to compete in the state geography bee.

Sixth-grader Jude Magann was a close runner-up in second place, while seventh-grader Kushaan Bahl came in third. All participants are congratulated for winning their history class bees and shining at the school geography bee on Friday.

Special thanks to Hart teachers and staff who made the bee possible -- History teachers who took time from their busy schedules to hold preliminary bees; teachers who brought students to watch the competition; question presenters/teachers Elizabeth Gage and Terry Ludlow; scorekeeper/teacher Mark Tierney; teacher Anne Everton for coordinating everything; and Alex Sutton and the custodial staff for setting up audio and furniture just right and on short notice.

Click here for sample questions to see how well you'd do in a geography bee.

Geography Bee Participants:
Ian Achuff
Vishnu Arul
Kushaan Bahl
Wyen Cai
Kelly Cook (alternate)
Sahna Das
Lindsey Dillon
Oona Guensche
Tommy Han
Daniel Huang
Benedict Huebner
Kat Kellner
Kyle Kim
Tyler Kline
Robert Lasica
Tracie Luu
Cameron Levine
Jude Magann
Karna Mendosa-Kamath
Kritin Nandish
Anushka Parihar
Jacob Pawlak
Sarah Rafie
Griffen Sanchez
Vincent Schillaci
Annie Shu
Vasu Singhania
Carter Smith
Allison Stowell
Russell Sullivan
Nicholas Talin
Arfan Warriah
Aaron Zagar

Absent for Bee:
Vishal Moodley
Zac Richey
Cory Steinhauer

Posted Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013