History Day Winners

Congratulations to 8th-grader Maddie Simmons for her award-winning performance at Alameda County History Day on Saturday. Maddie won for her solo performance The Seneca Falls Convention: 1848.

Maddie qualifies to compete in California History day in Sacramento in April.

Further congrats to the other 8th-graders whose outstanding History Day projects were picked as the top projects on campus and also competed at the county level Feb. 23 at the Oakland Museum of California.

This year's theme, set by folks who run National History Day, is Turning Points in History. The goal of History Day and the projects is to get students to push past the antiquated view of history to realize how relevant history is to modern times. Students can choose from several different formats to display their projects.

Hart's History Day participants and winners (winners marked with *):
Individual Exhibits
Wyen Cai -- Transcendentalism
* Sarah Keir -- Puritans:  A Turning Point in Colonial America 
* Audrey Little -- Eureka!  California’s Great Turning Point: The Gold Rush 

Group Exhibits
Sabrina Chen and Kaleigh Gong -- Harry Houdini vs. Spiritualism
Michelle Cheng and Subhi Balaji -- Plastic: The Life-Changing Invention
* Amy Jin and Michelle Zhou -- FDA: The Gateway to Healthy and Hygienic Living 

Individual Performance
* Maddie Simmons -- The Seneca Falls Convention: 1848

Group Performance
* Brandon Duenas and Ajit Selvakumaran -- The Wright Brothers 

Group Documentary
* Laura Buscheck, Alyssa Giammanco and Grace Martin -- The Life of Susan B. Anthony 

Individual Website
Brandon Lee -- The Great Little Father of the Constitution

Group Website
Aimee Clark and Logan Pierce -- The First Latter-Day Prophet: Joseph Smith

Special thanks to Jacob Berg (Lydiksen teacher), Jim DeMersman (Museum on Main Street), Nathan Parrish (Foothill teacher), Lori Sjodahl (Mohr teacher), Vice Principal Tom Domer and Hart staff Elizabeth Gage, Marla Simon, Stacy Webb, Megan Lipman and Pat Yu for their careful evaluation in judging the projects.