Citizenship Awards

Dozens of Hart students will be honored the last week of school with citizenship awards that recognize them as being good citizens during the entire school year.

Students were nominated by teachers and staff. Sixth- and seventh-graders will get their certificates on Wednesday, June 12 at 1:46 p.m. for sixth-graders and 2:29 p.m. for seventh-graders. Eighth-graders will be recognized on Friday, June 14 at 10:56 a.m. All ceremonies will be in the multipurpose room.

Here's a list of this year's honorees:
Aranza Doubravsky                   
Gabe Clark                                
Victoria Vega                            
Brandon Duenas                       
Min Woo Kim                             
Kevin Kartchner                        
Kevin Wiest                               
Matthew Dotson                       
Justin Huang                             
Brandon Lee                             
Abigail Richardson                    
Hailey Maldonado                     
Alex Barclay                              
Harsha Mudaliar                       
Maria Chavez                           
Jose Brazil                                
Alexander Caldwell                   
Cameron McMullen                  
Carly Marceau                          
Zoya Omarali                            
Katie Gilmore                            
Sierra Gholston                         
Daniel Bordenave                     
Mick Brdar                                
Cameron Levine                       
Sanam Nawim                          
Mia Nurisio                               
Brooke Christian                      
Imran Matin                             
Shawn Kim                               
Melissa Widas                          
Ewan Bohannon                       
Kate Crawford                          
Zac Richey                               
Aaron Young                            
Dylan McLaughlin                   
Brandon Villanueva                 
Megan Cheung                        
Ardarsh Ravikumar                  
Hope Alley                               
Kevin Woo  
Jenna Fikrat