Swing Dance Competition

Swing dancers Megan Colbacchini and Tito Tohouri beat out hundreds of other fleet-footed classmates to win the 15th annual Hart swing dance competition.

The entire student body and scads of parents showed up Friday to watch the final showdown featuring the top couples. The crowd roared with delight as the talented hoofers showed off their fancy footwork.

The tradition of swing dance at Hart dates back to the fall of 2000 when the school first opened. Students eagerly await the start of swing dance season each year. All students in 7th and 8th grades swing dance in their P.E. classes, but it's optional for students to advance to the competition.

Students practiced for weeks before starting the daily elimination rounds during lunch two weeks ago. The best couples remained for Friday's big finale.

Tension filled the air after each round as dancers were eliminated from the competition, one couple at a time. In between rounds, spectators were treated to various styles of dancing by other students.

The top five couples are:
1. Megan Colbacchini & Tito Tohouri (8th grade)
2. Hailey Christian & Nathan Samuli (8th grade)
3. Kylie Maeda & Peter Savas (7th grade)
4. Lucia Casteneda & Nathan Williams (8th grade)
5. McKenzie Reese & Zoren Ziatek (8th grade)

Special thanks to the P.E. teachers, emcee Alex Sutton, the entire staff and all of the parents who helped make this year's swing dance competition a huge success.

PHOTOS by D. Ross Cameron
Maddie Bolt and Sam Zevanove (photo by Isabel Mayfield)
Kylie Maeda & Peter Savas
Zoren Ziatek & McKenzie Reese
Megan Colbacchini & Tito Tohouri
Audrey Fracisco & Carter Smith 
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Posted Friday, Oct. 24, 2014