No Bullying

Parents, teachers, staff and students must work together to put an end to bullying in its many forms.

Gone are the days when bullying was carried out strictly on campus. Bullying now extends into cyberspace where students may be harassed through texts, social media and other forms of technology.

The best way to end bullying it to know the signs students may exhibit if they're being bullied and to be aware of the many ways students may be bullied.

Please look below for two helpful forms about bullying. One form includes 14 signs a student may exhibit if he or she is being bullied. The other form explains the many ways technology is used for bullying and how parents can keep tabs on their child's cyberspace activity.

Anyone who suspects any form of bullying may report it in these ways:
  • Call the school district's anonymous 24-hour tip line at 925-417-5199
  • Contact school administrators -- Principal Terry Conde, Vice Principal Tom Domer or Vice Principal Jessica Brooks. Click here for their contact info.