Bee Season

Hart students are such incredible geniuses that the original school competitions for both the geography bee and spelling bee went into overtime and had to be completed at later dates. Way to go, Huskies!

Sixth-grader Warren Xu won the geography be when he correctly answered the question "The Taklimakan Desert, home of the Uyghur [WEE-guhr] people, is located in which Asian country?" The correct answer is China. Warren will take a test to qualify for the state competition this spring, which ultimately leads to the National Geographic Bee.

Warren had some stiff competition from second-place winner San Kalp Sharma, seventh grade, and Kushaan, Bahl, eighth grade.

The last leg of the geography bee lasted seven extra rounds with questions about geographic features of the U.S., questions that used a map of U.S. freshwater withdrawals by state and world and U.S. questions for the championship round.

Hart's spelling bee champion is sixth-grader Rohan Gupta, who correctly spelled the world iterance to win the championship title. The spelling bee lasted for 13 grueling rounds. Second place went to sixth-grader Thomas Goebel followed by seventh-grader Mega Vaiyapuri.

A huge thank you to spelling bee pronouncer extraordinaire Erin van der Zee and judges Jamie Smith, Sharon Surrena and Mary Geasa. Special thanks to the custodial staff for doing a fabulous job of setting up the multipurpose room for both bee events.

Posted Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

PHOTOS left to right
(top) Kushaan Bahl, Warren Xu and San Kalp Sharma

Rohan Gupta, Thomas Goebel and Mega Vaiyapuri