And the Winners Are ...

Congratulations to the many talented eighth-graders who voluntarily took part in this year's History Day contest held after school on Feb. 6.

Dozens of students entered projects based on this year's theme, Rights and Responsibilities in History. Each student was interviewed by a team of judges. Students were asked about their research and how they showed connections between their topic and this year's theme.

This year's winners are:
  • Daniel Jorgenson, Trail of Tears: Loss of Indian Rights, individual exhibit winner
  • Jenilee Chen, Dolley Madison: Heroine of the War of 1812, individual documentary winner
  • Dongsung Jang, Donghyun Jeong and Hansam Jo, Constitution: Foundation of Rights and Responsibilities, group website winner
  • Samantha Santana and Remy Tate, Heroes of the RMS Titanic, group exhibit winner
  • Alpine Tang, Chinese Exclusion Act:  Banning the Coolies, individual website winner
  • Valentina Im, Yuna Jeong, and Eleanor Savas, Triangle Factory Fire: The Fire that Took the Lives of 146 Innocent People, group exhibit winner
Winners are invited to compete at the Alameda County contest on March 15 at the Oakland Museum.

Other participants in this year's contest are:
  • Micaela Widmer and Sarah Griffin, All Aboard: The Titanic Sisters
  • Kushaan Bahl, From Rails to Riches: The Story of the First American Transcontinental Railroad
  • Arjun Sethi, John Wilkes Booth
  • Ariel Wang, Susan B. Anthony: The Woman Who Dared
  • Melody Mei and Annie Shu, Colonial Punishments:  Discipline in Colonial America
  • Jaehu Lee, San Francisco Earthquake
  • Lucas and Fiona DeBernardi, Victorian Maids: The Hidden Workforce Behind Victorian Homes
Thank you to our excellent team of judges -- Dennis Aquilina, Jacob Berg, Tom Domer, Mary Geasa, Elizabeth Gage, Brandon Garrett, Mary Ellen Huey, Sherri Jaksoniak, Cindy Juarez, Jane Maker, Eyrn Neidle, Tammy Schoonover, Amy Sweet, Stacy Webb, Bryan Alcom and Pat Yu. Special thanks to history teachers Ann Matarrese-Everton and Mark Tierney for organizing the annual History Day project.

Posted Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014