History Day

Congratulations to the Hart eighth-graders whose History Day projects won top honors at the Alameda County contest and have been invited to compete at the state level in Riverside on April 25.

Hart's county-level winners are:
  • Alpine Tang, Chinese Exclusion Act:  Banning the Coolies, individual website winner
  • Daniel Jorgenson, Trail of Tears: Loss of Indian Rights, individual exhibit winner
  • Valentina Im, Yuna Jeong, and Eleanor Savas, Triangle Factory Fire: The Fire that Took the Lives of 146 Innocent People, group exhibit winner
Students who competed at the state level, but did not place are:
  • Jenilee Chen, Dolley Madison: Heroine of the War of 1812, individual documentary winner
  • Dongsung Jang, Donghyun Jeong and Hansam Jo, Constitution: Foundation of Rights and Responsibilities, group website winner
  • Samantha Santana and Remy Tate, Heroes of the RMS Titanic, group exhibit winner
Best of luck to the students who choose to compete in Riverside.

Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2014