Friday Night Lights

Foothill High School has a rich football tradition that includes the experience of a Friday Night Lights-type of feel for our students and community. We encourage spectators of all ages to come root for the Falcons and enjoy a wholesome and positive experience for everyone. To that end, we are instituting a new policy for all students to improve safety and promote our community spirit.

The Foothill High School stadium has a large grass/baseball field on the outside of the entrance gate. Many students, mostly middle school-aged, tend to congregate in this area prior to, during and after the football game. This area is unlit, unsupervised and has some patches of landscape that are uneven or have gopher holes. We are asking for your cooperation in our efforts to end students from congregating in this area.

All students must be either en route to the inside of the stadium or leaving the stadium/Foothill campus (going home). Students will not be allowed to congregate in the areas outside of the stadium.

We recognize that this is a change from years past, so we will direct students to the stadium entrance if they are not already en route. If this directive is not followed, students will be asked to leave the campus
and their parents/guardians will be notified. We will also notify the administration of the school they attend. If further problems arise, students may not be allowed to attend future Foothill events.

We are trying our best to reduce or eliminate any problems on the evenings of the football games. We want as many fans as possible rooting for the Falcons, and this is just one way to make the event safe and enjoyable for all of our fans and spectators.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation to this policy.

Jason Krolikowski
Foothill prinicpal