Champion Cheerleaders

Hart's award-winning cheer squad brought home yet another first-place trophy from last weekend's regional competition at St. Mary's College in Moraga.

Hart competed against three other middle schools -- Eich Junior High from Roseville and Willow Glen and Union middle schools from San Jose. Pleasanton Middle School was unable to compete due to team injuries.

"I was very happy to compete with a full squad of 20 this weekend at St. Mary's College," cheer coach Kelly Redgrave said. " Our girls continue to work hard and carry on a very successful competition year. All of them just rise to the occasion and get the job done, and I could not be more proud of all of them. From here, our focus is getting geared for nationals."

Hart took first place, followed by Union, second; Willow Glen, third; and Eich, fourth.

Posted Monday, Dec. 15, 2014.