Geography Bee

A grueling geography bee that pitted Hart's best and brightest students against each other in their knowledge of the world came to a thrilling end Friday when 8th-grader Jude Magann triumphantly won the fierce competition.

The bee featured 32 students who had the honor of competing in the school geography bee after winning classroom competitions.

The first two rounds were intense as few students were knocked out of the competition. It became evident some hardball questions would be needed to challenge Hart's brilliant students.

The eighth and final round included finalists Lucas Bentley, 6th grade; Robin Hwang, 8th grade; Nandhan Natarajan, 7th grade; and Jude.

Jude finally pulled ahead of the pack when he correctly answered the final question: In what country would you find the 16th-century Cloth Hall, the centerpiece of Krakow's main square?

The audience collectively held its breath until Jude answered "Poland" to win the school title. He will take a written test to qualify for the state geography bee in April.

Many thanks to all who participated -- history teachers who took class time (much appreciated) to run preliminary bees, students, school bee participants, parents, staff members and students in our audience. Special thanks to our custodians for setting up two events in a row that day. More thanks to teachers Mark Tierney and Veronica Rylander for keeping score and Elizabeth Gage for prepping our contestants and calling several hundred questions.

Posted Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015