Hart Brings History to Life

Hart's 8th-graders are bringing history to life with their outstanding history day projects.
Eighth-graders were assigned a history day project with the theme "Conflict and Compromise in History." Students had to pick a topic and find a creative way to share what they learned. Some students made tri-fold display boards. Others created Web sites and one made a documentary. Students were limited only by their imaginations.
The projects were judged last Wednesday in the library. All projects will be on display for public viewing Thursday, March 6 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the multipurpose room.
Hart's top winners and their projects are:
  • Carlos Medina, The Alamo, historical paper
  • Jack Reed, Mexico or Death!, historical paper
  • Chirag Kashyap, The Saratoga Campaign, Web site
  • Charles Guo, Surrender at Appomattox, Web site
  • Riley Murtagh & Nakul Narayan, Butch Cassidy, documentary
  • Alec Kron, Stephen Decatur, exhibit
  • Olivia Zhu, Jay Gould, exhibit
  • Ellie Jurich, Mary Todd Lincoln, exhibit
These students will advance to the Alameda County History Day contest on March 19 at the Oakland Museum of California.
Students whose projects deemed honorable mention are:
  • Christian Medved, Sherman's March, historical paper
  • Kristen McDeavitt, Early Irish-Americans, historical paper
  • Leah Romm, Emma Goldman: Women Need Not Keep Their Mouths Shut, historical paper
  • Phoebe Brown, William Penn, historical paper
  • Travis Himebaugh, Robert E. Lee, exhibit
  • Mia McGovern, Trial of Lincoln's Assassins, exhibit
  • Dylan Hecht, Seminole Wars, exhibit
  • Douglas Zhang, The USS Maine, exhibit
  • Jenna Nibert, Annie Oakley, exhibit
  • Nivi Kumaran, The Constitution, exhibit
  • Waleed Khan, John Adams, exhibit
  • Caroline Smith, Plessy v. Ferguson, exhibit
  • Alexa Thompson, Thomas Jefferson, exhibit
  • David Harizal, James Madison, exhibit
  • Aditi Jhanwar, Battle of New Orleans, exhibit
  • Raghav Ravishandran & Clive Veerapal, Battle of Tippecanoe, exhibit
  • Megan Haven & Kelly Yen, Mayflower/First Thanksgiving, exhibit
History Day in California is a statewide program sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation in conjunction with National History Day. The program is in its 25th year.
Congratulations to all of the 8th-graders who turned in such impressive projects!
Posted March 6, 2008