Slam Dunk at Hoops for Heart

Hart's phenomenal sixth-grade Quest classes and other students raised an impressive $3,018 for the American Heart Association.
Students sought donations as they competed in the fun-spirited Hoops for Heart basketball competition in early March.
The top 4 fundraisers are:
Sarah Yoshioka   $415
Trevor Newton    $220
Aaron Silva         $208
Dennis Koosau    $205
This is the second year in a row that Trevor and Aaron have been among the top Hoops for Heart fundraisers.
An incredible 57 students took part in this spirited event in the fourth year it's been held at Hart.
Hot Shot Blitz winners:
1st -- Jeros Domingas & Naomi Chan
2nd -- Erik Thornally & Raychelle Rhodes
3rd -- Eric Tooms & Vanessa Harman
3-Point Shoot-Out winners:
1st -- Jeros Domingas & Moira Andrews
2nd -- Cyrus Samii & Christina Mendez
3rd -- Ali Tayeb & Albert Wiseman
Thank you to all of the students who threw their hearts into this heart fundraiser. You are all awesome!
Thanks also to P.E. teacher Heather Halliday for organizing this annual event.
Posted March 14, 2008