Hart Plays Carnegie Hall

Special thanks to parent Hana Hughes for this up-to-the-minute dispatch from New York:

I just got back from the concert, which was amazing!   The string orchestra went on first, playing "The Magnificent Seven" with guest conductor Frank Dorritie. They finished with the world premier of "Erin Isle Sketches" by Del Borgo, which was dedicated to the memory of Thomas and Mary Hart.  The symphonic band finished the concert with a piece written for them called "Heart of the City" by Gilroy, which was dedicated to Juanita Haugen (longtime Pleasanton school board member who died in March 2007).  "Heart of the City" was moving piece packed with emotional performances by the entire band with guest saxophonists Kenny Shanker and Annette Aguilar.  Both bands performed magnificently, and their brilliance filled the hall with beautiful music.  The students and Mr. Aquilina should be proud of the result of all these many months of hard work and dedication to their music.  


And this is from parent Parimal Zaveri about the band’s Thursday activities:


Firstly, the Carnegie performance was great! Our kids performed flawlessly, and the entire experience was awesome. Everything worked very well and on time. Just hearing the thunderous applause and cheering (loudest and longest of the day!) made all their hard work worthwhile.


The other activities earlier in the day were also quite enjoyable. We could have used more time at the American Museum of Natural History, but the visit was still worthwhile. Strolling down Fifth Avenue and visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral were fun.

Posted March 27, 2008