Hart's Track & Field Stars

Forty of Hart's best track & field athletes competed at the Meet of Champions at Dublin High School on May 29. The two top athletes in each event were invited to attend this prestigious event. Hart's entire team includes 85 students.
Hart's athletes competed against students from Harvest Park, Pleasanton, Wells, Fallon and Mendenhall middle schools.
Here are the personal best scores for Hart's athletes:
Cameron Vaughan         1st place          Long Jump
Cameron Vaughan         3rd place          100
Paul Leoni                     4th place          100
Paul Leoni                     4th place          200
Dylan Thrush                 4th place          800
Dylan Thrush                 4th place          Mile
Megan Goodman           2nd place          High Jump
Shannon Easley            3rd place           Mile
Shannon Easley            4th place           800
Points Males                 47 pts               3rd place overall
Cameron Vaughan         17.5 pts
     long jump                 1st        10 pts
     100                          3rd        6 pts
      relay                                   1.5 pts
Paul Leoni                     9.5 pts 
     100                          4th        4 pts
      200                         4th        4 pts
      relay                                   1.5 pts
Dylan Thrush                 8 pts                
     800                         4th        4 pts
     mile                        4th        4 pts
Joey Eicher                   5 pts    
     long jump                 5th        2 pts
     relay                                    1.5 pts
     relay                                    1.5 pts
Nate Bussani                4 pts
     high jump                 6th        1 pt
     relay                                    1.5 pts
     relay                                    1.5 pts
Miles Mok                     relay     1.5pts
Bryan Kodama               relay     1.5pts
Boys 4x100 relay           3rd       6 pts 
      Vaughan, Leoni, N. Bussani, Eicher    1.5pts each
Boys 4x400 relay            3rd       6 pts
     Eicher, N. Bussani, Mok, Kodama       1.5pts each
Points Females             29 points          5th place overall
Shannon Easley            10.5 pts
     800                          4th        4 pts
     mile                         3rd        6 pts
     relay                                    .5 pts
Megan Goodman           8 pts
     high jump                 2nd       8 pts
Shona McCarthy            2 pts 
     mile                         5th        2 pts
Makenzie Muller            2 pts  
     long jump                 5th        2 pts
Bernice Lo                    2 pts          
     400                         6th        1 pt
     relay                                   .5 pts
     relay                                   .5 pts
Hannah Beiszczat         1.5 pts
     200                          6th        1 pt
     relay                                    .5 pts
Naomi Chan                  1pt
    long jump                  6th        1 pt
Allison Lindblom            relay     .5 pts
Brooke Campbell           relay     .5 pts
Kyra Schwaninger          relay    .5 pts
Paige Hughes                relay    .5 pts
Girls 4x100                    4th        2 pts
     Lindblom, Beiszczat, Lo, Campbell    .5 each
Girls 4x400                     4th        2 pts
     Hughes, Schwaninger, Lo, Easley      .5 each
Congratulations to these athletes and Hart's entire track & field team for a stellar season!
Posted May 31, 2008