Character Ed Awards

Hart's new Character Education program is off to a strong start with Friday's announcement of the first-ever Hart Husky Awards. The awards were given to students who exemplified the character trait of responsibility. Students were nominated by teachers.
September Hart Husky Award honorees are:
Victoria Molina
Megan Shevelson
Haley Bean
Taylor Gloyne
Peggy Duncan
Daniela Martin
Diane Reyes
Tyler Staniford
Chris Rydman
Azadeh Gomroki
Shannon Gray
Megan Goodman
Kellie Dixon
Chris Coggshall
Chase Salustri
Tyler Trinidad
Cody Shields
Anne Tasto
Amanda Tuazon
Cassidy Cipriani
Megan Banke
Brittany Trevor
Jerry Cheng
Congratulations to Hart's first batch of Husky Award students!
Posted Friday, Oct. 17, 2008