Character Ed News

Vice principals and counselors were busy in early October as they made sure every single Hart student got the word about bullying -- how to prevent it, how to protect yourself from is and, most importantly, how to keep it out of our school.
You may have noticed your student sporting a spiffy new gray rubber wrist band with the words "Huskies Have Hart" and "Take a Stand, Lend a Hand." Students can wear the wrist bands to show they are taking a stand against bullying. Students also got bookmarks that summarize the major points of what they were told about bullying. The goal is to make Hart a bully-free school.
The VPs and counselors talked to students about the importance of making Hart a great place to go to school. If only one student is being bullied, then the educational experience for all students is diminished. We are collectively responsible for making Hart a great place to go to school.
September's featured character trait was responsibility.
In other character ed news, art students Kelly Dillard, Anna Yang, Jeffrey Chen and Nerges Rhamizada were honored for their entries in the T-shirt design contest for Hart's new character ed slogan -- Huskies Have Hart. Congratulations to these students for their wonderful artwork!
Check out our new Character Education link on the home page of the Hart web site -- The new quick link is on the top left side near the left-side photo. It's listed alphabetically among the various quick links. Click on that link for more info about Hart's character ed program and how students and parents can get involved.
Matt Campbell
Vice Principal & Character Ed Coordinator