Hart Yearbook Wins Award

The Hartbeat '08 yearbook received a gold medal rating with all-Columbian honor in the area of concept and design. The award was given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.
The Columbia Scholastic Press Association is affiliated with Columbia University's school of journalism in New York. Columbia is widely considered to have one of the best journalism schools in the entire country.
Hart received a 15-page critique on all aspects of the yearbook. One excerpt reads, "You and your staff worked hard to produce a really good middle school publication. It truly looks like middle school students who took the time and effort and pride to show their life and how it revolves around the school."
This is the second time Hart has received a gold medal from the CSPA.
Congratulations to all the students who helped produce the Hartbeat '087 and to yearbook adviser Manja Benadjaoud.